Amazon Updates Fire Tablets With Blue Light Filter That Helps You Sleep After Reading

Amazon is rolling out updates for its Fire HD line of tablets, which will introduce a filter that will help users sleep after they’ve finished using their device.

The Blue Shade feature filters out all blue light in a room, in order to give the user a better night’s sleep. Blue light typically emitted from devices such as tablets, smartphones and televisions is thought to negatively impact upon the quality of our sleep, given that their displays emit shortwave length light which our eyes are more sensitive to.

This light can be negated by the Blue Shade filter, with the feature also allowing for the addition of warm color filters, along with the ability to decrease the brightness of the tablet more than ever before for late-night reading. Blue Shade will automatically alter the filtering whenever the color is changed, in order to ensure that the user’s sleep will continue to be undisturbed. 

Amazon has also introduced a few more features in this update, which focus upon bringing a greater degree of security to the tablets in order to ensure that parents can happily hand them over to their kids to play with. Firstly there’s the Activity Center, which allows parents to see what they use their tablet for and how much time they spend on certain apps and games, along with checking on their Internet browsing history. Finally, Amazon has also implemented a web browser specifically for children, complete with a carefully curated selection of over 40,000 YouTube videos and sites that have been deemed acceptable viewing material for minors. 

The new update will be rolled out to Fire HD tablets gradually today, starting with the latest Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 8.

[Via The Next Web]