You Can Get the Amazon Fire TV Stick For Just £7


The Amazon Fire TV Stick has is set to launch in the UK next month, and you can get your hands on it for a paltry £7. 

While shipping will commence on April 15th, Amazon Prime subscribers who pre-order the dongle over the course of the next two days (March 24th – 25th) can get it for £19, while new Prime subscribers will pay just £7. Considering that the retail price of the Fire TV Stick is £35, this is a great bargain for those who may have been considering jumping onto the Prime bandwagon.

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A 12-month Amazon Prime membership will set you back £79.99, with it offering free one-day delivery on millions of items along with access to 15,000 TV shows and films through its Prime Instant Video service. There’s also 500,000 Kindle titles users can “borrow” for no extra cost.

While £79.99 certainly sounds steep, there’s a lot of bang offered for your buck. Netflix currently costs £5.99 per month in the UK, equaling approximately £72 annually, and while it may currently offer a broader selection of movies and shows to stream, it doesn’t boast as many perks as Amazon’s service.

The Fire TV Stick is looking to broaden the appeal of Amazon’s streaming service along with offering a range of other apps, all wrapped up in a small USB stick. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky News and YouTube will all be present and correct along with a bunch of other services, and though it doesn’t boast the processing power, optical audio, ethernet or voice control of the £79 Fire TV box, it’s a steal even at its highest £35 price point.

With the Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV box Amazon is looking to overtake the likes of Chromecast. As it boasts quadruple the storage space and double the memory of Google’s dongle, it’s likely that they’ll achieve their goal.

You can purchase the Fire TV Stick from