The Dude Abides: ‘The Big Lebowski’ Themed Bar Opens In Chicago

Photo: Working Title Films 

If you’ve never seen the Coen Brothers‘ classic 1998 film The Big Lebowski, then bookmark this article, watch it (it’s currently available on Netflix), and then come back and finish reading. If you’re like us, you’ve already seen the movie and you’ve enjoyed your fair share of white Russians while you watched “The Dude” getting his carpet peed on time and time again (you’ll get this after you watch the movie). Also, if you’re like us, you’re pretty stoked about a new Lebowski-themed pop-up bar in Chicago.

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A bar called The Rookery decided that instead of opening yet another Christmas-themed pop-up bar, the time was right to pay homage to the “laziest man in Los Angeles County.” They’re calling it The Dude’s Abode and Jeffrey Lebowski would most definitely “abide.”

The bar opened on Dec. 21 and will continue every Wednesday through Saturday until the middle of February. And since it’s a pop-up bar, there will absolutely be a lot of people saying “careful man, there’s a beverage here,” because they’ve got themed cocktails to fit every Lebowski fan’s taste.

Designed by The Rookery’s beverage director Alex Brick, the drinks include three different white Russians: The Dude (Smirnoff vodka, Kahlúa, cream), The Big Lebowski (Evan Williams bourbon, maple, Benedictine, cream, coffee bitters), and Little Lebowski (Fugu Horchata vodka, Kahlúa, lemon, cream, egg white, chocolate cereal, chocolate bitters, soda water, burnt marshmallow).

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But just when you thought it was nothing but cream-based cocktails, there’s also Bunny’s Toe (peach brandy, champagne, Peychaud’s bitters, gummy toe), The Nihilist (black sesame/honey syrup, Gosling Black Strap rum, CH Amargo de Chile), World of Pain (Malört, Aperol, Beefeater gin, orange juice, Angostura bitters), and more.

The Rookery posted a notice on its website saying that the bar isn’t “approved or endorsed by, or is in any way associated with, The Big Lebowski, the Cohen Bros, or anyone else connected with the making of The Big Lebowski.” But, that shouldn’t stop you from throwing on a bathrobe and heading down there.