Beer in bar with Santa hat.

Bartender Approved: The 5 Best Christmas Beers

Photo: Ansel Olson (Getty Images)

Let’s face it. For much of the country, winter really sucks. It’s cold, dreary, and it gets dark out early. Oh yeah, did we mention the snow? On top of it being dark at 4 p.m., much of the country gets blanketed with cold, wet snow. It’s a miserable time of year save for one reason. The beginning of winter means it’s almost Christmas. And Christmas means decorated trees, stockings hung by the chimney with care, and of course Christmas ales.

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Of all the good things that come with the holiday season, we love Christmas ales the most. So do bartenders. That’s why we asked a handful of bartenders to tell us their favorite Christmas Ales. Here’s what they said:

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So, if you’re looking for a great Christmas beer this year, take our favorite bartender’s word for it and grab one of these tasty brews. They stand diligently behind a bar throughout the holiday season and see a lot of beers imbibed. Try one of their choices and you’re sure to be the hit of your holiday office party or family good together.

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