Heavy Petting: Owning Animals Gets You More Tail

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The holidays can be an insanely lonely time of year. Instead of filling the void with an unspecial someone you’ll have to ditch before Valentine’s Day, you should adopt a pet instead. Owning pets improves lives just like yours, giving you a reason to get off your couch — and that’s just because you want to prevent them from taking a dump indoors.

There’s also a slew of actual health benefits that should seal the deal, but if you don’t want to take our word for it, check ’em out for yourself.

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Pets Give You The Purrrception Of Being More Likeable

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These days, thanks to social media, how we’re perceived becomes an extension of who we are. Adopting a dog is just one way we can micromanage this perception. A study out of Cleveland State University discovered that “people appear happier, safer, and make a better ‘picture’ when seen with a dog.” So find the woman of your dreams by posting photos of you and Scruffy on your IG.

Animals Make You Hotter

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If you’re desperate and dateless, definitely adopt. Kinsey Institute research says that men who adopt a dog are perceived as natural caregivers and more empathetic. What’s more, a French study showed men with a dog had better luck at getting a phone number from women.  So if you’re looking to score with your dream woman, swing by the shelter immediately.

Pets Safeguard Your Heart

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There’s nothing a woman likes more than a man with a big heart. The first step to that is having a healthy one. A study in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology says owning a cat makes you less susceptible to dying from a heart attack. If you ever, truly fell in love, wouldn’t you want to live through it?

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Plan on getting a pet this holiday season? Adopt, don’t shop. If you’re on the fence about saving a furry friend from the shelter, know that you’ll be saving two lives. Check out adoptable dogs in your area, as well as where to locate and adopt cats in your neighborhood. And if that doesn’t work, you can also locate a nearby shelter on Petfinder.

Do you have a pet that’s improved your life? Or are you considering getting one? Let us know in the comments!