A funny domestic cat is waiting for a pie. The concept of home comfort, love for animals. is waiting for a pie. The concept of home comfort, love for animals.

Cats Cause 1,000 House Fires Each Year (And Are Well Aware You Only Have 1 Life to Live)

Your cat is trying to kill you. No, seriously. You may have suspected that your feline friend had it in for you, but now a new study confirms it. That’s because the American Humane Association reports that upwards of 1,000 house fires were started by pets, and cats are the prime suspects.

While we seriously suspect that the devious furbabies are setting homes ablaze on purpose, those who adore their furry friends say that the abode-destroying sparks are accidental and that they happen as Garfield is creeping across the stove and unintentionally turns on a burner. Animal arsonists have also been known to start fires by chewing through wires or knocking down candles.

Experts say you can help prevent your home from burning to the ground by taking certain measures, including removing flammable objects (like dish or paper towels) from the stove area, installing child-proof knobs on the stove, and teaching cats that the kitchen is not their toy box. (Good luck with that last one.)

If your cat still seems a little too excited by the prospect of fire, well, here’s hoping natural selection takes its course. The Red Cross reports that around 500,000 pets suffer from smoke inhalation annually while the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates 40,000 pets will die due to home fires. (We say it serves them right.)

Keep one eye open and fixed on that cat of yours, pet owners. You never know what they’ll get into. They may have nine lives but you only get one.

Cover Photo: Elena Fedorina (Getty Images)



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