Celestaurants: 11 Tasty Celebrity-Owned Restaurants

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Celebrities have long held our attention, but now they have our appetites, too. You may or may not be surprised to discover that many of our favorite actors and musicians have restaurants attached to their names. Enjoy the most delectable “celestaurants” — a.k.a. celebrity-owned restaurants — spread out across our great nation.

Trejo’s Tacos (Los Angeles, CA)

Trejo’s Tacos are reportedly loaded with a little spice, a lot of fresh meat, muy muy aguas frescas and the possibility of getting decapitated mid-bite. Don’t worry, he has vegan options, too. Located on South La Brea in L.A., where the hardcore taco lovers chow down.

Nic & Norman’s (Senoia, GA)

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The Walking Dead might make you lose your appetite at times, but series producer Greg Nicotero has teamed up with series star Norman Reedus to serve up a fine treat in Georgia, not far from where the two restauranteurs shoot their zombie not-so-thriller.

With Andrew Lincoln reportedly stepping away, it looks like Reedus is likely to be spending a lot more time in Georgia over the next few years (unless they finally stab the show in the head).

Joanne Trattoria (New York City, NY)


She likes pizza, bread and meatballs; she must be Italian! While Anthony Mackie is rocking a couple solid New York No-bars, Lady Gaga is pulling in the high end spaghetti on West 68th.

Crossroads Kitchen (Los Angeles, CA)

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The prince of pop punk has a delicious vegan side you might not see coming. Travis Barker is not only one of the most diversified drummers in the music biz, he’s also got a high-end vegan restaurant located right in the heart of vegan central: Los Angeles. We wonder if his drum sticks are made of cruelty-free bamboo…

Wahlburgers (Los Angeles, CA)

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These brothers do everything together: reality shows, movies and even restaurant chains. It seems highly likely that the boys with the last name Wahlberg would go the extra letters to open a Boston burger joint or 30. Not surprisingly, they’re everywhere.

Rock & Brews

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If you’ll never make it to a KISS concert, you can at least go for the silver by trying out half the band’s small chain craft beer and paired bar food. Have you ever had pizza kissed by a couple angels named Paul and Gene? Not in this lifetime; not without Rock & Brews.

Mermaid Oyster Bar (New York City, NY)

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Well, it’s not Garden State, but the Empire State (more specifically Greenwich Village) is where actor/director/writer/fictional man-nurse Zach Braff is serving up the best lobster roll in New York. Are you surprised? He’s a self-proclaimed foodie, dammit!

Nobu (Los Angeles, CA)

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A fancy fish restaurant that doesn’t allow Trump? Sounds like a solid business plan. While celebrity chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa paired with one of the finest living actors today is a winning serving, the restaurant was reportedly busted a decade ago for serving endangered fish. Things seem to be on the up and up now, though.

Saints and Sinners (New Orleans, LA)

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New Orleans is hosting another actor you may have heard of: Mr. Channing Tatum. While some of us are holding on hope he’s part of a future Ghostbusters reboot (that people don’t hate all over), the rest are enjoying either Tatum’s bordello hall of red burlesque and seafood.

Chicken + Beer (Atlanta, GA)

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You can’t truly enjoy Ludacris’ Chicken-n-Beer without enjoying his chicken and beer, too. And it’s located in Atlanta, right where the players play (or so we have heard). Apparently, the parties don’t stop ’til eight in the mornin’. If you ask us, that’s a little late (or early) for beer and chicken. When in Atlanta!

Tagine (Beverly Hills, CA)

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Ryan Gosling is a lot of things to us, but we didn’t see his restauranteur side coming. A moroccan cuisine known for its cozy and romantic ambience; it sounds kind of like heaven. While rumors spread Gosling has abandoned his Beverly Hills high-end eatery, we can only imagine him coming up to our table to ask how the service is…

Dammit, Ryan, get back to acting. That’s why God gave you a pretty face.