Some People Are Pissed Twitter Got Rid Of The Pistol Emoji

Illustration: Twitter/Emojipedia

While I honestly can’t remember the last time I used the pistol emoji (perhaps to express how Monday makes me feel), Twitter has gone ahead and gotten rid of the pistol emoji forever.

According to NY Post, Twitter has finally removed the pistol emoji from their batch following the the same decision that Apple and Samsung made. Instead of a pistol emoji, a cartoon water pistol will be there instead. And at least one person is upset:

This person is also not a fan:

Neither is this one:

NY Post

Obvious defining features on the new emoji include a fun curved shape, an orange tip and a plasticky yellow trigger. The change is likely a bid to help clean up Twitter’s reputation online.nTwitter has been struggling to get to grips with trolling, bullying, harassment and threats of violence on the platform.

Changing the pistol emoji could soften threatening tweets — a water pistol has very different connotations, after all. The decision also comes at a time of heightened tension around firearms in the USA.

Unsurprisingly, people are divided over Twitter’s decision to scrap the emoji, with some users blasting the social network over the change:

One irate user said: “Honestly, someone was offended by the little tiny gun emoji? Your five-year-old is playing GTA and you are worrying about an emoji!”

Hey, we haven’t gotten gun reform yet, and students are still unsafe at schools, and old guys in the White House are cool with that, but at least there is no more pistol emoji. Right?

At least gingers have an emoji now: Gingers Rejoice! You’re Finally Getting Your Own Emojis

So what do you think of this change? Will you be throwing a tantrum like this person?