Gingers Rejoice! You’re Finally Getting Your Own Emojis

Screenshot: YouTube

There are tons of emojis on your phone at the moment, I’m talking about everything you can think of. There are even emojis that I’m pretty sure you’ve never used. I mean, do we really need four different kind of mailbox emojis? No. No we don’t. But guess what, folks? The Unicode Consortium, which oversees emoji selection, just announced that we’re getting 157 emojis and some of them will be of the ginger variety!

Gingers Rejoice! You’re Finally Getting Your Own Emojis

And of course redheads are pretty dam estastic:

Check out the video below to see the other emojis that are on their way:

All of these new emojis likely won’t be seen until September at the latest, but at least you gingers can celebrate the fact you are getting some emojis. And now I’ll wait for the emoji of a guy yelling into a pillow to be released.

h/t Time

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