Future Tech: CarWink Allows You To Talk With Other Drivers Using Emojis

Screenshot: YouTube/CarWink

Remember last year when The Emoji Movie was released and everyone was wondering why was such a thing created and what purpose would it serve? Well, some folks might say the same about CarWink, the first car device that actually allows you to communicate with other drivers through emoji animation. That’s right, instead of cursing up a storm or giving your fellow driver the good old middle finger, this device allows you to send a little emoji instead.

Hey, who wants to smile and nod at another human when you can just use an emoji? Actual human responses are so last year! It’s time to get with the times, people! And CarWink lets you do that! Here are some of the features that CarWink includes:

Large library of emojis to choose from 

LED display 

Voice control for a safer driving experience 

Solar charging and USB charging

Passive energy harvesting

Portable and convenient to go from car to car 

Personalization options available

I don’t know about you all, but I would be excited to look through the large library of emojis while going 70 on the highway. Move over, Vin Diesel.

Interested in CarWink? Well you can preorder it for $92. Or you can give it as a gift to someone. Maybe someone like your ex-wife or a former boss.

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