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Future Tech: $6,000 Miracle Toilet Will Do Everything But Raise Your Kids For You

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When you think about it, the way we live has steadily, yet drastically, changed over the last decade: our phones, televisions, cars, washers and dryers, etc. However, there has been very little change in design and functionality with something else we use every day in our home — our toilet.

Kohler is changing what we should expect out of our porcelain throne after showcasing their latest Numi model at CES 2018. I’m calling it the toilet of the future. Because, holy crap, it does everything but microwave your food and rear your children.

Photo: Kohler

Here’s a brief list of how the state-of-the-art “intelligent toilet” will change your life.

It has a heated seat.

Speakers with wireless streaming capability.


Warm-air dryer.

Warm water cleansing.

Automatic flush.

Handsfree opening-closing lid (no more fights with the wife on who left the seat up!).

Touchscreen remote.

Foot warmer.

Nightlight (ambient lighting).

Adjustable water temperature, pressure and spray.

And something called a stainless steel wand with UV sanitation.

So yeah, it’s a toilet slash personal spa that you can use a voice-command to bring up your own personal settings. The catch? As you’ve already read by the headline, the price is expected to be around $6,300 for this magical loo when it’s released later this fall.

Photo: Kohler

So go ahead, miss a few mortgage payments. It’s not made of solid gold, but this toilet could make your bathroom the most comfortable spot in the house. It’s worth it, right?

You can read more about Kohler’s smart bathroom products, including the toilet of the future, here.

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