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Future Tech: Is An Electric Apple Car In The Not-So-Distant Future?

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It’s difficult to imagine a world without Apple in it, considering our fingers are touching one of their products every waking minute (and some non-waking). But phones and computers aren’t the only things electric the company is currently focused on, as the mythical Apple Car is rumored (finally) to be in full swing. At least, that’s the word from Daring Fireball, who noticed Apple recently re-hired Doug Field.

Field, who has previously worked at Apple, left the company to join Elon Musk’s Tesla, where he oversaw the production of the Model 3. But after a five-year hiatus, he’s decided to come back to Apple, which has many speculating about the potential building of an electric car dubbed “Project Titan.” Sounds like a masterplan Lex Luthor might enact.

apple car

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Rumors of Apple building an electric car are nothing new, as Steve Jobs previously suggested a desire to build an “iCar” back in 2008. Apparently, the dream didn’t die with Jobs, as rumblings of such became much more realistic in 2015 when a report leaked suggesting an Apple vehicle could eventually make its way to production.

In addition to bringing back Doug Field, Apple has also recently hired additional executives from the aforementioned Tesla, Fiat, Mercedes, Ford, and more. Though, rival car manufacturers don’t appear too worried about a potential Apple car and have gone on record suggesting it would be similar to them building smartphones.

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Apple is believed to be operating “Project Titan” under a shell company called SixtyEight Research in Sunnyvale, California and may also be working on their own autonomous driving technology in addition to the electric car, though both remain nothing more than speculation at this point. However, Apple has stated in the past that it had hopes of producing a car by 2020.

That said, Apple is picking off more top vehicle engineers from rival companies than Deion Sanders did footballs, so if you don’t think some form of an electric Apple car is in our future, I might have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.