Apple Flirts with McLaren, Driving Hard to Enter Car Business

Depending on when you were reading the various news outlets today, Apple is, isn’t, was, wasn’t, will or won’t be talking to a handful of automotive companies in the hope of acquiring resources and breaking into the car business.

Apple was rumored to be moving to buy McLaren, supercar developer, and Formula 1 Racing fixture. By close of play, McLaren denied those reports — but in a way that left doors open down in Woking, Surrey.

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Regardless of what company names come and go, it’s more obvious than ever that Apple wants to chase Tesla and Google into the future of automobiles. That’s not breaking news as Apple has long wanted to bring the influence it brought to laptops, music, phones and watches for a while.

However, the company broke up its own in-house automotive research division a couple weeks ago. It’s clear now Apple is looking to recruit automotive minds and resources from already established companies.

It’s safe to say that Apple didn’t approach McLaren in the hope of entering the racing world. It’s the technology and engineering expertise McLaren and companies like it compile that has Apple sniffing around. Apple’s own car development program proceeded with the steam of a Newton, so if can’t grow your own, hire somebody else’s farmers.

After all this fuss, we’ll probably end up with an electric iCar of some sort. Let’s hope it keeps its body count down.