Model’s ‘Optical Illusion’ Photo Has The Internet Scratching Their Head

Photo: fizkes (Getty)

While this hasn’t blown up like the now iconic blue and black dress, it still has the internet buzzing, and that’s because it features a model who confused everyone by recently sharing a photo that either shows one of her legs or she’s just extremely skinny. And let’s just say that most folks thought the latter.

Marisol Villanueva, an 18-year-old model from Granada, Spain, who goes by ‘Rose,’ on Twitter, shared the photo which simply shows her wearing a horizontal stripe jumper and joggers with a line down the side of them.

Have a look:

But instead of a line, people thought they were looking at a huge gap between her legs.

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Check out the best reactions to these photos below:

Here’s what Villanueva had to say to Daily Mail:

“At first I felt a little scared because I didn’t notice the optical illusion so wasn’t expecting it at all, and the idea of such a big amount of people seeing a picture of me was crazy. I also didn’t know how the people who know me in real life would react. But almost everyone’s being nice and I’m glad that I made a lot of people laugh!”

While I’m writing this, Villanueva’s tweet has gotten over 36k likes. I’ve never even gotten 36 likes on one of my tweets, but now I know the key is to freak everyone out with a photo of my body. That or be a model.

And this viral tweet is another reminder that anything can make you go viral in today’s society.

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