Why Aussie Big Wave Surfer Mark Mathews Froths Samsung’s New Soundbar

When you’re a big wave surfer like Aussie legend Mark Mathews, you spend a hell of a lot of time watching surfing clips, reliving old thrills and spills and planning your next big ride.

So when it comes to ~surfing~ video content, Mathews likes the sound to be fatter than Teahupoo.

That’s one of the reasons why he froths Samsung’s new Sound+. Not only does the sleek design and easy-to-navigate setup get rid of all those pain-in-the-arse cables and make installation easier than falling off a longboard, the six – count ’em SIX – built-in woofers allow you to feel the crush of a breaker in your bones, without the need of an added subwoofer.

How do we know this? Because Crave caught up with the legendary Aussie athlete and motivational speaker at his Sydney home, to discuss all the ways Samsung’s new Sound+ is making his life even more of a beach.