Why Australia’s DJ Ravine Is All About Samsung’s New Soundbar

Samsung are known arbiters of all things home entertainment and their role in the proliferation of the soundbar across Australian homes makes that evident. With their simple, sleek designs and easy to navigate setup, the soundbar does away with the need for finicky cables and a complicated installation.

Now with the Sound+, they’ve improved the formula even more. With its six – SIX! – built-in woofers, Samsung’s new soundbar is designed to be used without a subwoofer yet still makes you feel All. Dat. Bass. Someone who knows all about the importance of that, is Sydney-based DJ, producer and self-confessed tech-head DJ Ravine.

Having played in clubs all across the globe, from Minneapolis to Mallorca, for over 10 years, Ravine knows what good sound, well, sounds like! And while it takes natural talent, desire, and a keen ear to make music, a DJ is not a DJ without their equipment.

Crave caught up with DJ Ravine at his Sydney home, to chat about how Samsung’s Sound+ fits into his fast-paced, beat-making life.