Future Tech: Samsung Racing To Make First Foldable Touchscreen Phone

Photo: Drew Angerer / Staff (Getty)

While pants have never been tighter on people, each new smartphone seems a little larger than the one before it. Samsung has taken notice of our struggle and plans to release the world’s first foldable screen phone, but the race is on.

Rumors of a folding phone amongst tech’s biggest players have been swirling for some time, including Apple, but no company has actually been able to make much headway, outside of hiring a bunch of specialists. That’s reportedly about to change, according to Samsung CEO, DJ Koh, who says the company’s first foldable phone is likely to drop in 2019.

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As long as it’s not dropping in my toilet (again), that’s great.

“We wouldn’t have started [the project] if it was a going to be a one-time thing,” he said, suggesting the foldable phone will be a series rather than a solo project.

Samsung’s smartphone competition, the likes of Huawei, LG, Microsoft, and Apple, are all reportedly working on their own foldable smartphones, though Koh was quick to suggest he wants to make sure the South Korean tech titan is first to the finish line. That could be a challenge, however, as Huawei reportedly is in the process of making 20,000 to 30,000 folding phones and is set on releasing them to the public before Samsung.

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It remains to be seen if a folding phone will actually be beneficial or nothing more than a novelty, along with all the pitfalls to be discovered.


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