Samsung’s Twitter Just Roasted Some Dude Who Talked About Taking A Dick Pic

Photo: Twitter

So it seems like it’s not only Wendy’s and Mercedes that are trolling and roasting folks on Twitter, it seems like Samsung wants to get in on the action, too.

Apple and their iPhones may get most of the attention, but don’t forget that Samsung and their Galaxy is also pretty popular. And while Apple may have the upper-hand in the phone department, Samsung has the upper-hand in the Twitter game. And that’s honestly more important.

It all kicked off when Samsung asked folks to show them the first photo they took using their Galaxy S8. Check out the tweet below.

And then of course there was the response everyone was expecting.

But I don’t think anyone was expecting the response Samsung dropped.

A damn microscope. A freaking microscope, people.

im not a rapper

And of course Twitter went nuts.

And then there’s this one…

Burns all around.

h/ Someecards

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