NASA Reveals Plans To Save Mankind From Massive Asteroid

Photo: puchan (Getty)

Thanks to NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office, who revealed these plans, we now know what will be done if a deadly asteroid ever found its way towards planet earth. But according to NASA, they would need to spot the asteroid decades in advance in order for any of these plans to work. Oh joy.

Plan 1: Gravity Tractor

This plan simply includes creating a space craft to fly alongside the asteroid and pull it into another course.

Plan 2: Kinetic Impactor

This plan is pretty much flying a space craft into the asteroid and pushing it off course. NASA is actually testing this plan out so perhaps they can save the world.

Plan 3: Lasers!

This plan obviously includes lasers. NASA would create a powerful laser and turn that rock into a gas in something called “laser ablation.” Cool.

Plan 4: Nuke The Hell Out Of It

Here’s one Donald Trump would love. This plan would include putting nukes on a space craft and flying it into the asteroid, destroying it. That should be enough to knock it off course.

If all else fails just call on Bruce Willis to drill a hole on it.

h/t Metro

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