Amazon Key Lets Couriers Unlock Your Front Door And Everyone Is Freaked Out

Screenshot: YouTube/Amazon

We all know that Apple and Amazon currently own the world and they are always thinking up of new ways to keep their grasp on world domination firm. So guess what Amazon has recently come up with? Amazon Key, a new service that actually lets couriers unlock your front door to leave your package.

Amazon Key pretty much works by allowing couriers to scan a package barcode and once delivery has been verified online, a Cloud Cam will start recording and the delivery person will be able to unlock the door using an app. And then they will proceed to ransack your home. Hey, it can happen.

Just take a look at this promotional video from Amazon.

Amazon Key can also let dog walkers, cleaners or visiting even guests open your front door. Um, what?

And let’s just say that the internet is not having any of this. Here are some of the best reactions:

So, still want to get the Amazon Key?

h/t BBC

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