Some Taco Bell Locations In Wisconsin Are Offering Kit Kat Quesadillas

Photo:  PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

Once the calendar hits October or November, there aren’t a ton of great reasons to pack your bags and head to Wisconsin. It’s cold, women stop shaving their legs and this year, Aaron Rodgers is hurt.

But according to Food And Wine, there is now one very good reason to make a run for the border in Wisconsin, and that of course is because some Taco Bell locations there are selling Kit Kat quesadillas known as “Kit Kat Chocoladillas” for just a buck.

Photo: Taco Bell

A Kit Kat Chocoladilla is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a “grilled, soft flour tortilla filled with warm, melted chocolate chips” with Kit Kat crumble thrown into the mix, and select Taco Bell locations across the Badger State will feature this panty-wrecker on their menus through mid-November.

If you’re asking yourself why Taco Bell chose Wisconsin “restaurants” as a test market, the answer quite simply is because we Wisconsinites will eat anything. Whether it’s a cream puff at the Wisconsin State Fair or a $50 Bloody Mary with a fried chicken on top, if you make it, we will eat it.

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