Predicting the iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15’s Main Innovations

For iPhone fans, 2017 is an exciting year which brings not one, not two, but three new Apple mobile devices to the market. While the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus appear more subtle in their evolution, the iPhone X looks to break the mould with an incredible bezel-less display. The X showcases a serious shift in design, and has inspired me to wonder what could come next.

In this article, I’ll be having a semi-serious think about how Apple’s future flagship phones will attempt to innovate. Here’s my take on what the next five iPhones’ main innovations will be.

iPhone 11

Something that the iPhone X is missing, which its competitors do better, is dependable waterproofing for full submersion. Yes, this may impact speaker sound quality, but the iPhone 11 will work around this, providing both waterproofing and impressive audio.

iPhone 12

While the iPhone X includes dedicated augmented reality (AR) support, the iPhone 12 will focus on virtual reality (VR) as its main feature. It will be paired with some kind of elegant headset solution. Apple is often late to the party with implementing new technologies, but when they do arrive, they are done properly.

iPhone 13

The headphone jack was dropped last year, and now the iPhone X is saying farewell to the Home Button. The iPhone 13 will continue to smooth out the phone’s edge, completely removing all buttons and the Lightning port. In a few years, gesture control inside software will be so good, and wireless charging will be everywhere and super speedy, that you simply won’t need any buttons or ports.

iPhone 14

With the use of DeX, the Samsung S8 can turn into a desktop computer, compatible with keyboard and mouse, and outputted to an external display. This is great for general web use, sure, but the processing power for more intensive tasks just isn’t there yet.

Apple will bide its time with this tech, and it will be the iPhone 14 that comes equipped with the hardware capable enough for an incredibly smooth desktop PC experience. Plop the iPhone 14 into a home dock, or into one the many publicly available docks in revitalized libraries and internet cafes, and away you go!

iPhone 15

Motorola really had something when it came up with Moto Mods and the ability to transform your mobile phone into something more. Looking to turn your phone into a better camera, or boost battery life, or increase sound quality and volume? Well, the Moto Mods can do that!

The iPhone 15 will be the phone “that does it all,” allowing a wide range of proprietary modules to be attached for additional functionality. The “iMods” will be sleek and stylish. They will also be compatible with future models, making their investment more worthwhile.


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