Fireball Alcohol Content or Why You Should Never Drink It

Photo: Stuart Ashley (Getty Images)

Any true whiskey-lover out there is bound to tell you that Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is nothing but a disgrace to the whiskey name. People say that it is too sweet, that the Fireball alcohol content is too low and that it even leads to a difficult hangover. In this article, we will offer you some information about the product based on various experiences online, so you can take a look at all the facts and make the right decision whether you should drink it or not. Based on what we’ve read on the subject, we wouldn’t recommend it wholeheartedly, but it’s really your choice.

The Taste

The first topic is, of course, the taste. According to numerous whiskey connoisseurs out there, Fireball differs a lot from the classical whiskey brands. It has a much sweeter note and seems to be aimed at people who don’t actually enjoy the regular taste of whiskey but still love the idea of drinking it. Although it might be an exaggeration, it is often compared to soft drinks because of the high percentage of syrup in the mix. The basis for this product is Canadian whiskey with added cinnamon, but the main problem is the amount of sugar. It is said that about a quarter of a full shot is made up of sugar.

Fireball Alcohol Content

The next often cited problem is, of course, the Fireball alcohol content. This brand is notorious for having only 66 proof, which is considered quite low for a whiskey brand. For instance, a 100-proof whiskey like Four Roses contains 50% of alcohol. Fireball has only 33 and that is considered far too low. That is probably why even the manufacturers suggest making various cocktails like the infamous F-bomb (made with Red Bull and which is quite similar to the beloved Jagerbomb), The Hotter Toddy (with honey, tea, and lemon), and Ciderball (with, obviously, hard cider).

Safety Issues

On a more serious note, there was a huge scandal back in 2014 when Fireball had to be recalled from Finland, Sweden, and Norway due to a presence of an unsafe substance called propylene glycol. Manufacturers claimed that the amount of the propylene glycol found in their drink wasn’t enough to cause any health issues. According to them, it was just a matter of different health regulations for America and the EU. Now, the studies have shown that this substance is not really toxic when used in amounts smaller than a gram in a kilogram. The reason why these countries banned Fireball was that it had a higher concentration, generally tolerated in the USA.

The Hangover

Although this aspect is subjective and highly debatable, it’s worth mentioning so that you may research the subject further. Namely, numerous users on the web complain that this drink creates one of the worst hangovers the morning after. This probably has to do with its sugary content that, mixed with other components in the drink, harm your body. Another reason why people keep mentioning Fireball as the main cause of their morning regrets are the shots. Because it doesn’t have a high percentage of alcohol in it, Fireball often goes unnoticed in cocktails and might encourage you to drink more till it finally hits you.

The Name

Obviously, this is just nitpicking, but it’s worth mentioning considering how people react quite strongly to it. The full name of this drink is Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and just the fact that its main ingredient is spelled without an “e”annoys a lot of people. In fact, Fireball is nowadays associated with a certain type of people who are annoying, arrogant, and immature. Sure, it’s subjective and perhaps irrelevant, but if you ever decide to try it out yourself, chances are someone in the bar will be thinking that about you.

Is the Fireball alcohol content the worst aspect of this infamous drink? If not, what is?