Bespoke Definition: What Does It Really Mean?

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When starting to get more involved with fashion you’ll keep on running onto the word ‘bespoke”, which is not that commonly used. Therefore, not a lot of people know it’s true meaning, but it is a necessity if you care about how you look and what kind of clothes you wear. The bespoke definition is pretty straightforward, and as soon as you understand it, you’ll want to get that ‘bespoke suit’ for yourself too.

Bespoke Definition

Suits are still a stigma for most regular guys. They only wear them when they have to, in occurrences like weddings, funerals, and when their boss tells them too. As a result, grown men look like teenagers going to prom while wearing them. But suits look amazing on other men, they elevate them in a certain manner. They improve their confidence, make them stand out, look authoritative, fashionable, capable, and independent. Just look at Conor McGregor for example.

So why do some guys look like Hollywood stars in suits, while others look like schmucks who still live with their parents? The key is wearing bespoke suits. And that’s why you’re probably here, wanting to find out, what are those bespoke suits you keep hearing about. For that, you’ll need a bespoke definition.

What does bespoke mean? Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it primarily means – custom made. Meaning that it’s made specifically for a particular person. In terms of fashion and suits, that means that bespoke suits are those that tailored with your body measurements in mind. It’s not a suit that’s drawn from the rack, which is designed to fit most guys of certain type and approximate size, it’s a suit that fits you inch-perfect.

The word bespoke has another meaning, but a similar one – dealing in or producing custom-made articles. Meaning that a tailor that makes clothing for specific individuals can be called a bespoke tailor.

There are slightly different definitions of bespoke, but they basically just state the same thing, that the object of the sentence is custom-made.

The Cambridge dictionary defines bespoke as ‘specially made for a particular person’. The Oxford dictionary has perhaps the best definition as it states that bespoke means – ‘made for a particular customer or user’.

This way of phrasing it suggests that bespoke is means making with the user’s comfort and needs in mind.

It’s important to realize that all of these definitions don’t relate only to suits, as furniture, shoes, hats and various other things can be custom-made for a specific individual.

Also, a tailored suit is not exactly the same as a bespoke suit, as you can take a suit you bought in a store, and take it to your tailor for corrections. It’s a tailored suit, it will fit you better, but it won’t be a bespoke suit.

Alternative Bespoke Definition

If you asked your grandma to define bespoke, you might have gotten a different answer than the ones we provided, as the word has another, old definition. According to, the word used to mean someone engaged to be married; spoken for.

So when you and your guy friends are trying to think of the girls to call to your sausage party and someone says something smart like ‘let’s call Jessica!’, you could answer with ‘Jessica is bespoke!’. Way more elegant than ‘she’s engaged to some dude’, right?

Now that you know the bespoke definition, will you start wearing more bespoke suits? And please tell us what other items need to be bespoke in order to be fully utilized?

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