YouTube Has a Fidget Spinner Easter Egg That No One Has Noticed

YouTube has introduced a fidget spinner Easter Egg that has somehow gone unnoticed by its users, with the new feature being included on every video on the site that features the absurdly popular toys.

The Easter Egg sees YouTube’s familiar circular buffering icon replaced with a fidget spinner, with it appearing on every video that includes ‘fidget spinner’ in its title. If you have a decent internet speed, then chances are you might miss the quick glimpse of this new buffering icon prior to a video playing. However, if you have a poor connection or a low internet speed, prepare to be greeted by the sight of this white fidget spinner rotating every time you want to watch a video featuring the fidget toys:


It’s unclear why YouTube has decided to implement this change, and it remains to be seen whether or not the Google-owned video-sharing site will continue to use it after the fidget spinner fad inevitably dies out.

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This isn’t the first time YouTube has made an odd change to its video player. Back in 2014, the site introduced a ‘Pow!’ button that, when pressed, gave its videos a comic book-esque appearance. Users could also type “Beam me up, Scotty” in order to trigger a visual effect similar to Star Trek’s teleportation scenes, while typing “1980” also used to bring up a version of the popular ’80s video game Missile Command.

If you want to view YouTube’s fidget spinner Easter Egg in action, you can click on the video below and watch out for its loading scren

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / JacksFilms