New Study Suggests Make-Up Sex Is Actually Bad For Relationships

Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz (Getty)

Make sure your wife doesn’t read this one, fellas.

According to Indy100, absolutely devastating news for couples who fight a lot, as a recent study from Bucknell University that examined couples’ techniques for reconciling suggests that having make-up sex after you and your partner trade insults might actually be bad for your relationship.

Yeah, I know. Gross.

It turns out that while the majority of straight men think sex is the best form of apology, women prefer it when men either straight up apologize or cry after fighting.

“Women may find the act of their male partner apologizing to be an effective reconciliation tactic because it is viewed as an altruistic act,” lead author Joel Wade said. “A man’s apology may redirect the cost of romantic conflict to himself rather than to his partner and thereby demonstrate his ability to provide emotional support and incur personal costs for his partner.”

Wade said that men often jump at the idea of make-up sex because they are either egomaniacs or insecure, adding that women may “use sexual favors as a way to reconcile with their male partner” because “doing so may communicate to their male partner that they are still sexually accessible and as such do not want to end the relationship.”

Call me crazy, but I think that last notion is nothing short of a fine example of terrific communication. How that‘s bad for a relationship is beyond me.

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