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Dating Up Will Improve Your Life, Says Study by Someone Who Clearly Never Dates

If you’re like the typical warm-blooded male, you have a laundry list of qualities you’re looking for in a mate. You want a woman who’s sexy, smart, sporty, works hard, and plays hard. If you’re like most of the people who participated in a new dating survey, you’re also into dating up, seeking someone who can broaden your social circle, take you globe-trotting, and let you experience the finer things in life. In other words, you’re a gold-digger.

Of the 2,000 singles polled by, 62 percent deemed they deserved better in their next relationship. Even more people – 72 percent – thought they had settled in past romantic partnerships. So it makes sense, we guess, that 70 percent of them said they now wanted to “date up” because they thought it would improve their lives.

Obviously, this survey was flawed, because when has dating ever improved anyone’s life? We should also mention that is the site formerly known as Seeking Arrangements, meaning: sugar daddies seeking sugar babies. The site has since rebranded to focus on helping “success-minded” daters find each other. It’s no wonder its users are looking to make a cash grab along with a hookup.

“It is good to have the belief that you deserve the best. Finding love can be hard especially if you’re picky when it comes to certain traits, but as the old saying goes, there is someone out there for everyone,” Brandon Wade, CEO of, said in a press release. “It is clear singletons aren’t looking to just settle for anything that comes along these days and there is nothing wrong with that, it just might take a little bit longer to find but will be worth the wait.”

Like he said, this could take a while. There’s no harm in pursuing women who are out of your league, but don’t be surprised when you get left on read. In the meantime, you might want to whittle down your must-haves list a bit, or even better, do some self-improvement so you’re the catch everyone wants to net on Plenty of Fish. (Is that still around?)

Finally, rather than wait for a wealthy woman to share her net worth with you, why not start investing your own money? The stock market is rocky these days, but it has to be less disappointing than dating.

Cover Photo: Tim MacPherson (Getty Images)


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