The Bios Urn and Incube Recycles Your Loved One’s Ashes Into a Tree for Your Home

The Bios Urn recycles ashes into trees, allowing owners to plant a loved one’s ashes and grow new life out of their cremated remains, that they can then store in their home using the Bios Incube.

The Bios Incube is the “world’s first incubator designed for the afterlife,” according to Bios, letting the bereaved use the ashes of the deceased to create new life that they can then grow in their own home. The Incube then assists the planted tree with its growth, providing maintenance tips in the process.

The Incube and the Urn work in conjunction with one another; the Urn containing the ashes is planted into the Incube, with the Incube then using an app to monitor the progress of the planted tree. The Incube uses WiFi to send its data to the user via smartphone, with the Incube’s integrated sensors measuring humidity, temperature and solar radiance, using this data to know the exact time it needs to water the tree. These sensors can also inform the user


Its watering system measures both the velocity and pressure of the water it distributes, providing the tree with weeks of water while a USB port allows the Incube to be charged using any power source.

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According to Bios, the aim of the Bios Urn and Incube is to “reintroduce man back into the natural cycle of life,” with it predominantly targeted at those who live in the city who may not have access to burial sites for their loved ones remains. Bios notes that with cremation expected to rise by nearly 40 per cent in the next decade, and with us running out of burial space, the Bios Urn and Incube will help provide a suitable location for the deceased’s ashes, that will also leave those they left behind with a reminder of their life in the form of the tree. After the tree has sprouted, the user is free to then choose its final location, while the Bios Urn and Incube can be used as many times as needed.


Watch the video outlining the Bios Urn and Incube below: