Woman Sends Ex-Boyfriend Brutal Email Admitting Cheating On Him Multiple Times

Thanks to COED, everyone and their mom gets to read about what the girl who sent this email did while dating her boyfriend. Let’s just say that she wasn’t faithful at all. And that’s an understatement. Apparently she was sleeping around with not one, not two but three dudes on the side. That’s just cold.

Let’s just get into the action and read this extremely harsh email. Have at it.

A photographer, a best selling author and a friend’s friend? Man, this gal sure was pretty damn busy. And she was going to Ibiza? What a globetrotter!

Well, let’s see why this gal flew off the handle thanks to a little bit of backstory.

Well, now it makes why this girl lost her marbles — it sounds like the guy was also a tool. So in conclusion it looks like we all learned one thing: these two people are just garbage bins on legs. There is no victim in this story.

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