‘The Skeptic Feminist’ YouTuber Arrested For Murdering Female Co-Host

A man previously belonging to the YouTube collective ‘The Skeptic Feminist’ has been arrested after murdering his female co-host, with him now facing a first-degree murder charge.

29-year-old Aleksandr Kolpakov, known as “RDP” by viewers of The Skeptic Feminist channel, murdered 31-year-old Heather Anable, known as “Ivy,” on Saturday evening in Clifton, with neighbors alerting the police after hearing several gunshots. Police discovered Anable’s body outside of their home, with her having died from multiple wounds to the neck and chest.

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Tweets posted from two other members of The Skeptic Feminist collective on Tuesday discussed how Kolpakov was an ex-soldier who had experienced a “severe flashback” and that Anable was “unable to pull him out of it.” The Grand Junction Sentinel noted that Kolpakov was ex-military and, prior to his arrest, a self-defense instructor.




The Sentinel also confirmed that while Kolpakov faced a second-degree murder charge when appearing in Mesa County Court on Monday, Assistant District Attorney Rich Tuttle told the court that his office is now taking a “hard look” at the higher first-degree charge. According to Colorado law, first-degree murder involves a “malicious, deliberate component that makes [the murderer] eligible for capital punishment or life imprisonment.”

The Skeptic Feminist channel features nearly 500 videos, with its collection of hosts predominantly debating criticisms of feminism while also discussing feminist theory. In a video titled ‘Hello, Sweet Internet,’ Kolpakov speaks directly to the camera and tells the viewer that “The Skeptic Feminist will restore peace, freedom and security to this great country.” Kolpakov will next appear in court on May 23.