5 Best Fidget Toys to Help You Concentrate And Be More Productive

Fidgeting affects the best of us. You may be attempting to concentrate on an important project for work or an assignment for college, when suddenly you’re stuck by an uncontrollable urge to do literally anything else. You no longer feel in control of your limbs, with them tapping away at anything other than the task at hand, distracting you from what you were trying to accomplish. Before you know it you’re an hour behind schedule, and the most productive thing you’ve done is taken part in an extended drum solo using your desk as your instrument.

Fortunately there are now fidget toys specifically designed to help you focus, with them giving their users a means of keeping their hands occupied while they attempt to focus. These fidget toys have become increasingly popular over the past few months, with teens and adults alike using them to help them concentrate, or just to have something to distract themselves with when they can’t readily open up Facebook on their phone.

With that being said here are the top 5 best fidget toys that can help you concentrate and be more productive:


Fidget Cube


The Fidget Cube, presently avaialble for $19.95, is arguably the most popular fidget toy currently available, with this small gadget armed with six neat features that will keep your hands occupied while you concentrate

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The vinyl desk toy features six sides with different functions, from a collection of clicker buttons, to a small analog stick to fiddle with and a switch you can flick on and off. Each of these features are designed to be extensively fidgeted with, and the device attracted so much support following its announcement that it garnered a whopping $6.5 million on Kickstarter. It’s since become the most sought after fidget toy on the market.


Begleri Beads

Not only will this fidget toy help you keep your hands occupied, but you can also look pretty cool playing around with it in the process. Begleri beads are a form of worry beads, with them intended to distract the mind from troubling thoughts by way of letting the user flip it around their fingers like a pair of non-violent Nunchuks. You can purchase them for a variety of a different prices, with them proving particularly popular on Etsy.


EWR Fidget Spinner


Fidget spinners are slowly starting to take over the world, with the little gadgets allowing you to satiate your restlessness by — as their name suggests — spinning them. The EWR Fidget Spinner, $17.95,  can spin for 4 – 5 minutes by virtue of its trio of bearings, which is better than a lot of its competitors, and it also retails for a reasonable price. Fidget spinners have become something of a trend among high schoolers and college students, though adults are also finding them useful as they can help relieve anxiety and stress, along with providing a tool for smokers who are looking to quit.


Think Ink Pen


While fidget toys are fun, the majority of them are pretty useless outside of their ability to distract the user. Enter the Think Ink Pen, a nifty gadget that transforms into a variety of fidgety features to help you concentrate while you write. Its titanium and steel design is flexible, meaning you can bend it around to your heart’s content, while it also has a magnetic accessory allowing you to twirl it around along with a spinning top. The Think Ink Pen raised over $220,000 on IndieGoGo, with backers expected to receive the product sometime this year. You can also pre-order the item for $44.95 here.


Kobayashi Fidget Cube

Though not the most popular fidget cube, the Kobayashi is a unique fidget toy that consists of a series of blocks, which each snap together in quick, satisfying fashion. If you own a 3D printer then you can get yourself some Kobayashi cubes for free, with the blueprint for the toy readily available online. For everyone else, different versions of the Kobayashi can be found on eBay, Etsy and Amazon.