These Guys Made The Ultimate Fidget Spinner By Fusing Three Cars Together

Photo: YouTube / Garage 54

Fidget spinners are the absolute hottest new trend on the planet. They’re so popular that it feels like every kid you know is asking their parents for one.

And it’s not just kids who like these things, either. There are real, actual, grown-up adults playing with them. I mean, grow up, am I right?!

I might be one of those adults … so … yeah.

But I’m not the only adult who plays with them, and the following video proves grown men can enjoy fidget spinners, too.

The Ultimate Fidget Spinner Is Three Cars Fused Together

A team out of Russia who call themselves Garage 54 put together a true marvel in a world obsessed with fidget spinners. Instead of buying a regular ol’ model of the popular toy, they took three cars, fused them together and spun them around in an attempt to make the spinner of all spinners.

The group cut up three Lada Samaras — which is a compact car that didn’t sell very well 20 to 30 years ago — and used drills, bolts, screws and blowtorches to turn them into a monstrosity fit for Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. Too bad it didn’t spin very well.

“We didn’t get the crazy spinning, as the cars started to break down,” he said, “but still we managed to drive three cars at once.”

And if you’re able to operate multiple vehicles simultaneously without anyone getting killed, chalk that up to a win in my book. Too bad they couldn’t fuse together three space Batmobiles, though.

h/t New York Post

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