Dude Finds Wife’s Fidget Spinner — And Nope, It’s A Sex Toy

Photo: NBC

Fidget spinners are everywhere, folks. Every freaking where. And I still don’t understand the hype. I’ve seen plenty of people using them on the subway — so much so that I’ve even considered getting one myself. Maybe it will suppress my rage. But anyway, one dude thought he had found his girlfriend’s fidget spinner, but it’s pretty obvious that that was not what it was at all.

The man, named Matthew Guajardo, took it to his Twitter and Reddit to share a photo of that “fidget spinner” that he had found in his gal’s underwear drawer. Why was he going through his gal’s underwear drawer? No clue, but we will leave those questions for another day.

Let’s take a look at this dude’s wife’s fidget spinner.

Dude Finds Wife’s Fidget Spinner — And Nope, It’s A Sex Toy

Yep, quite the fidget spinner indeed. Something tells me that his wife is a huge fan of this fidget spinner. And would you look at that? Trojan makes fidget spinners now — mighty clever of them.

Obviously Gujardo knows it’s not a fidget spinner and was just messing around. Actually, we hope he knows the difference. If not, it could make for an extremely awkward Christmas if he decides to give all the kids in his family fidget spinners as gifts.

h/t The LADbible

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