5 Weirdest Amazon Best Sellers Right Now

Photo: PHILIPPE HUGUEN (Getty Images)

Since Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is one of top 3 wealthiest people in the world it’s safe to say that business is going well for him. Amazon is where people go to buy anything they need, and often things they don’t need but which may seem convenient for a moment. That’s why we have these very weird Amazon best sellers.

Amazon best sellers are divided in around 20 categories, and some of them hide almost unimaginable gems like the ones you’re about to see. Products that seem totally unnecessary, yet that are somehow top sellers.

5 Weirdest Amazon Best Sellers

Lion Mane Wig for a Dog

Dogs are truly man’s best friends, but we are definitely not to them. How could you claim that if there have been so many people that have decided to give their dogs body image issues by making them wear lion manes? They even have the puffy tail extension to completely show your dog that it was definitely a secondary choice since you can’t adopt an actual lion. As for all weird Amazon best seller, it’s interesting reading the customers’ reviews which state that ‘you shouldn’t waste your money’ because some feature is bad. Yeah, that’s the reason it’s a waste of money.


When I saw this ‘invention’ I literally felt ashamed that I’m not rich yet. More than my college GPA, more than my parent’s disappointment, more than all missed promotions, it’s the inability to make a PopSocket. Or something similar that is completely unnecessary, yet people buy it in mass so much that it’s actually regarded as an Amazon best seller. Out of all the products for mobile devices, this finger holder/glorified coaster this one managed to be in the top 20 most sought-after products. Capitalism at its finest.

T-Rex Inflatable Costume

It would still be weird if this T-Rex costume was one of the Amazon top sellers in the Costume section if it existed, but no, it’s actually one of the best-selling clothing items. Why people, why? This doesn’t make sense for your kid as it would be too hard for him to walk in, let alone go trick or treating, but it doesn’t make sense for a grownup in any scenario. It actually also has the audacity to require four AA batteries which are not included.

Fingerlings – Interactive Baby Monkey

Fidget Spinners once again. But now the toy craze makes even less sense as it is a monkey baby that grabs onto fingers. An interactive toy that does slightly more than a teddy bear from the 1980s. Yeah, this monkey will offer your kid more entertainment than the iPod with 1,000 apps. Sure. It’s just a meaningless craze, and as every single one before it reached the status of an Amazon best seller because parents can’t say no to their children. The manufacturer also used the call to action straight out of South Park’s Chimpokomon episode – ‘Collect them all!’.


Ok, this might be a cheat inclusion since it’s something we all know about, but it’s still definitely weird. Maybe precisely because of it, since I thought we all collectively agreed Crocs basically exist just to be a punchline. At worst, I believed Crocs were just a specialty for some group, like the people of Walmart, the same as New Balance sneakers are for dads. But no, they are a legitimate Amazon best seller. Shame on you world, shame.

Would you buy any of these weird Amazon best sellers? If so, please donate your money to Goodwill, you don’t deserve currency.

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