Best Foot Forward | Handmade Leather Sneakers by Koio Collective

Koio Collective offers leather sneakers that are made by craftsmen to fit like a glove. The brand was developed just a few years ago by founders Johannes and Chris, who first traveled to the place they considered the center of design excellence: the coastal village of Civitanova, Italy. Working with local artisans, they sought to construct luxurious yet reasonably priced shoes, constructed in fine leather and hand-finished with an attention to detail.

Each pair of Koio sneakers are handmade. That means that the cut-and-sew process has to be as flawless as a human can manage, and accounts for the large time investment required to make their unique shoes. One Primo sneaker, the brand’s signature high top, is made of an incredible 88 parts, from rich exterior leather, sometimes accented with 3D mesh, lined with contrasting leather and finished with Margom outsoles.

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The silhouettes are clean, classy and can pair well with everything from worn-in denim to an unscuffed pair of black skinny jeans. Bonus: sport your Koio around the block a few times for some organic wear and tear, and they will look even better.

All images courtesy of Koio Collective.