Dapper Denim | Left Field NYC Makes Some Seriously Premium Style Staples

Christian McCann knows a thing or two about blood, sweat and tears, and what it takes to go against the grain to build a little empire. McCann founded Left Field NYC in 1998, a time when American-made clothing was practically unheard of. McCann was inspired to integrate vintage styling and a dedication to quality, Stateside manufacturing, and produce clothing our grandfathers would be proud of. That meant a wide variety of relaxed silhouettes made with premium fabrics that would ultimately evolve into being a comprehensive menswear label.

Today, Left Field not only makes some of the most unique denim on the market, but can complete your look with hemp/organic cotton tees, work shirts made with Japanese Tartan Twill and 9oz chambray and throwback jackets, like the very wearable satin club car jackets, or the Commando Leather Jacket.

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Perusing the jeans, we definitely have some favorites, and we can promise a pair of these will add a diverse new option to your closet. The Collect Mills Black Maria Charles Atlas Jean, $250, was inspired by a body builder in the 50s, hence these are drastically different than those stacks of skinnies you have. Another must have are the White Oak Natural Indigo Cone Denim Chelsea, $240. They’re woven at the Historic White Oak Mill in Greensboro N.C., and dyed with 100% Natural Indigo grown in the USA. Plus, the fit is perfect with a plain white tee, or go oversized all-over with a loose fit flannel.

Left Field is where national pride seamlessly converges with style staples.

All images courtesy of Left Field NYC.