Here’s What Each State Googled The Most In This Awful Year

Photo: palinchakjr (Getty)

Google is pretty useful, of course. I mean, there was a time that if you actually Googled “Bleached Asshole,” a picture of Justin Bieber would pop up. That’s incredible. But regardless, people use Google every single day, and in 2016 they were out searching some random stuff.

So thanks to Estately, who measured Google searches from everything to world events, to famous folks who died, to things that made us pissed off and happy, we are able to see just what each state searched the most on Google. Take a look at what your state looked up the most, and hopefully you are all ready to continue using this search engine for the most random reasons.

Here’s What Each State Googled The Most In This Awful Year

googled the most for each state

Shoutout to places like Missouri whose residents searched “McDonald’s breakfast all day” the most, and Tennessee for really being concerned if Mr. T is dead.

If you want to check out the entire list, head on over to right here.

And let’s make 2017 a better year, and not filled with garbage.

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