The Skinny On 10 Places To Go For Public Nudity In America

Photo: Maria Teijeiro (Getty Images)

Not a lot is known in way of places where it’s all right to flop your knockers and wave your willy, but that’s all about to change right now. When it comes to getting the skinny on places for public nudity in America (places where it’s legal to flop and wave), we thought it best to test the waters by giving you a balanced dose of hot springs, parks, and public beaches, all of which are spread out across the country. After all, we did a bang-up job teaching you about incognito websites where you can get off.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of bobbing your knob in the great outdoors and feel the need to let the breeze hit you just right (the taint, just between your butthole and scrotum and/or hoo-ha), we’ve got a delectable list of public nudity spots where your willy and knockers are not only allowed to shine, they’re welcomed with open arms. Well, maybe not open arms. Let them buy you a drink first. Now have a look at our favorite outdoor spots for flailing your privates without a care in the world. Disclaimer: These are not ideal destinations for family vacations.

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