Clothing Optional | 3 Resorts for the Uninhibited Traveler

Photo: DreamPictures, Getty Images.

Some things in life were meant to be adults-only. Vacation is one of those things. The travel industry recognizes this and has created resorts tailored to the kind of traveler who wants to be free of the unpleasantness of other people’s progeny but who still wants to play as only grown-ass adults do. The following vacation spots are not only known for mature clientele but for their clothing-optional policies. If you can get past the cheesiness of the resorts’ attempts to sex up their settings, you might find yourself in an adventure unlike any other. Consider this your invitation to kick back, relax, and misbehave.

Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica

Photo: Hedonism Jamaica on Facebook.

Jamaica’s number one clothing-optional resort welcomes singles and couples to this “all-inclusive paradise where you can turn your fantasies into reality!” Travelers from all over the world seek out Hedonism II for its four-star, inhibition-free playground. Though the website encourages visitors to “be as mild or as wild as you like!” there are rules of engagement, such as, “you are expected to be nude at the nude beach and pool/hot tub; you are allowed 10 minutes grace period to disrobe and join the other sunbathers.” Ocean-view and garden-view rooms include glass-enclosed bathrooms, ceiling mirrors, and private outdoor balconies so you have no excuse for changing up the location of your intimate activities. When you tire of, ahem, enjoying your room, head over to the Romping Shop Playroom, a place to “explore and rediscover yourself in a safe and non-judgmental environment.” Named after a popular Jamaican dance hall song, this is where you go to find new and willing playmates. There are also “sexy theme nights” such as the Tease Um Calendar Photo Shoot, Kandyland Wonderland, and the 2017 Miss BumDelicious Contest, most of which are self-explanatory and involve women in barely-there lingerie.

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Temptation Cancun Resort in Cancun, Mexico

Photo: Temptation Cancun Resort on Facebook.

This “Euro-style” hotel boasts 430 rooms and suites designed by Karim Rashid in a blindingly neon palette. Though Temptation is located on the beach in the Caribbean, you’ll likely find guests mingling in the Sexy Pool, which is tricked out with pulsing electrical currents. While this is a topless resort, its website warns that “sometimes our guests might get carried away and take away their clothes” during activities like Wild Tequila Volleyball, Belly Flop, and Daring Darts. The day of the week dictates the nighttime entertainment theme and determines whether you’ll step into Bedtime Bash, MexFest, Heaven and Hell, Lingerie Lounge, Throwback Thursday, White Night, or Let It Glow. Seven themed restaurants include Argentinian and Brazilian beef at Affair Grill, seafood at Raw, or Mexican at Amores. The She eatery is billed as an “aphrodisiac restaurant” (whatever that means) though clothing is required (for sanitary reasons and per health code, we’d imagine) in all dining areas. Among the rules this resort does have: no drug use, no public sex, and photos are restricted to certain areas of the resort.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort in Cancun, Mexico

Photo: Desire Riviera Maya Resort on Facebook.

The “sensually charged” Desire Rivieria Maya Resort is couples-only and features villa-style rooms adorned with Kamasutra-inspired art as well as a nude-optional beach. Skinny-dip in the pool or get an eyeful at the rooftop Jacuzzi Lounge. Indulge in naked exploits (or just watch others do so) with fellow dirty-minded guests in the Sin Room (a.k.a. a sex den). Other group activities include water aerobics, volleyball, yoga, beer pong, dancing, and games like the Human Sundae (use your imagination). Theme nights span the gamut from Sexy Safari to BDSM to Babes of Burlesque. Of all the resort options presented here, this one appears to be the classiest.