2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Lowe’s Big Ticket Winter Selections

There are plenty of holiday gift guides out there with small, affordable gadgets and doodads that might fit into a sock, but they might lack ambition. The folks at Lowe’s once again invited us into their bustling vaults to dig up some big ticket gift ideas — useful treats with which a shopper can wow loved ones, if they don’t decide to pick them up for themselves along the way.

There’s a quick mix here of items for comfort, convenience and impractical frivolousness — all of which work for the holidays. While none of them are checkout aisle convenience counter cheap, there’s still a price range for aspiring buyers to pick something that works with their budgets.

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In each case, the recommended sales items are available via online order on Lowe’s website or via in-store pickup at a brick and mortar location. We’ll start off with a little juvenile fun and grow up from there.

This Bumble really does bounce, but you’re supposed to stake it down into your yard and wow the neighbors with the sheer scope of your holiday decorating. You see, a rule of comedy applies to holiday decorating. For comics, it seems two types of jokes are funny — the very clever (Oscar Wilde, Douglas Adams, Steven Wright) or the very silly (Monty Python, Mel Brooks, Beavis & Butthead). Take that over to decorating, and there are two effective schools — the understated (warm candles in the windows) or the big and playful like the  Lighted Bumble Christmas Inflatable ($160) Star Wars Yoda Christmas Inflatable ($40).

We grow up fast on this list with the Frigidaire 18-Bottle Black Dual Zone Wine Chiller ($149). The foodie and wine lover ( … the “whiney?” … ) movement is still going strong, and this elaborate wine fridge is a vintner’s dream. It holds up to 18 standard size wine bottles and offers two temperature control zones to store different varieties of vino to a connoisseur’s specific demands. And, as long as the bottles fit, there’s nothing that says you can’t stash everything from mixers to properly chilled Guinness in this machine.

By all accounts, we’re in for a nasty winter. As this reporter writes these very words, the average temperature across the lower 48 states is below 20 degrees. For those workman looking to keep their outdoor shops or garages livable while they toil away on their various projects, the King 5000-Watt Electric Garage Heater with Thermostat ($199) can put out 17,000 BTU while standing up to subzero temps. Note: It’s a serious and permanent heating option. At 240 watts, it requires its own dedicated power and must be wired into its environment.

There’s no need to go on again about how miserable this winter promises to be. Let’s just get on with it. Once of the more capable electric snow blower’s we’ve tested, the Greenworks Pro 80-Volt Max 20-in Cordless Electric Snow Blower ($299) uses an 80 volt rechargeable battery that charges outdoors in the cold and waits for duty. It hand assembles in about 30 minutes and is ready to go as soon as the battery charges (less than 60 minute charge time). A single charge is enough to cover most household sidewalk and driveway combinations.

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum ($299) already gained piles of notoriety as one of the most innovative home vacuums available. This no-bag model specializes in transitioning easily from different materials without the need of user adjustment. In other words, you can go from hardwood to carpet, throw rug to tile without stopping. Rather than let a chance at cheap pun go by before this article wraps up, it’s safe to say this Dyson sucks more than any other vacuum in its class. And, that’s a good thing.


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