Fight the Fall into Winter: Lowe’s Late Summer Big Ticket Gift Guide

Summer isn’t over yet. We’re still squeezing every last drop of warmth of sunlight out of the last few weeks of 2017’s warm season. And, even once Labor Day rolls by and everyone decades the season officially in the books, we all know damn well there’s plenty of meteorological pleasantness left before autumn takes hold.

Every season for the last couple years, the folks over at Lowe’s opened their doors and selected a few choice (and, in some cases, up market) tools, appliances, furniture items and other gear for testing. To honor these late summer chapters of 2017, Lowe’s once again invited all for a look at these big ticket items.

Dremel Ultra-Saw 7.5-Amp 4-in Corded Circular Saw: Every man should own a Dremel Kit. There are simply so many uses for the traditional tiny grinder tool around any hotel or business environment. That same Dremel-equipped man should take a good look at this Dremel Ultra-Saw. It’ll flush cut metal, wood, tile, plastic, hate, schools, pudding, anything. Available with a wide variety of blades, the saw will also strip and execute surface preparation with add-on tools. A guy will kick himself for not having this Ultra-Saw sooner.

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Moving forward, the award for the most expensive item we’ve ever featured in these gift guides will go to our next entry. It’s also the first potential seasonal buy that you sit on once you purchase it. On second thought, in fairness, there’s nothing stopping you from sitting on pretty much everything on this list. But, our next contestant actually has a seat built into it.

John Deere D105 17.5-HP Automatic 42-in Riding Lawn Mower: If you’re like me … And who wouldn’t want to be, really? … you grew up cutting your folks’ grass with a push mower. If you grew up to have a little property of your own and some grass around it, the odds are you’re still using that push mower — maybe an electric model — to keep grounds neatly kept.

After a couple weeks trying this baby out, I can report there’s a primal joy to using a riding mower. Yes, this John Deere checks all the important boxes with 17.5 horsepower, 12-gauge welded steel, an automatic transmission and a 42-inch Edge Cutting System capable of trimming grass everywhere from one to four inches. It’s easy to use and requires no special training to get to work immediately after fueling. Still, the sensation of riding it will take you back to the first you sat on such a machine as a child and had the power to start it up and rule the surrounding terrain.

Generac GP 3300-Running-Watt Portable Generator with Engine: The first thing that’ll strike you about the Generac GP 3300 Portable Generator is its toughness. The buyer will be comfortable taking it from the workshop or worksite to camping or any recreational use. The 3.5-gallon fuel tank will run 10.25 hours at a 50% load setting. And, if you’re not a veteran user of generators, the Generac will cut out automatically at a low oil level to protect the engine.

PORTER-CABLE 3.2-Amp 5-Speed Bench Drill Press: A drill press qualifies as one of those workshop tools no one thinks they’re going to need — until they do. This Porter-Cable model simply tackles stationary drilling tasks better, more securely and more safely than a hand-held drill. This drill press employs five operating speeds from 610 to 2800 RPM so the user can switch from wood to metal to masonry with a simple adjustment.

BISSELL CrossWave 1-Speed 0.161-Gallon Floor Scrubber: The attraction of the Bissell CrossWave is its ability to clean multiple floor services without changing appendages or multiple settings. For any man looking to keep a cleaner environment, perhaps for the benefit of the women in their lives. It’ll scrub up carpet, hardwood, tile linoleum, hate, schools, pudding. You get the idea.


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