Guzman Y Gomez Answers Your Prayers, Announces Drive-Thu Option

The tides are turning on 2016, with some… wait for it… GOOD NEWS actually breaking. In an announcement set to fill us all with confidence for the next 12 months, masters of Mexican fast foods Guzman Y Gomez have announced they will be rolling out drive-thru facilities throughout 2017.

According to The Australian, as many as 12 drive-thrus will be opened in Australia. Before you get too stoked though, chances are pretty slim that your local GYG will be retro-fitted with an actual driveway.

Guzman Y Gomez Chief Executive Steven Marks says the new digs will be purpose-built, so chances are you’ll need to find a new local.

Already our mates in Darwin, Queensland and Nerang have been enjoying some limited drive-thru facilities at their GYG, but the company’s new stores will supposedly be built to allow for drive-thru orders.

Marks also explains the ethos behind the call, saying, “People are becoming more educated on what they are eating with traditional fast food and now they don’t have to compromise on quality for the convenience of drive-through.”

He’s clearly onto something too. GYG looks to expand even further next year with a total of 20 new stores in the works in addition to their clearly-booming 82 currently in operation.