Google Is Sending Burrito Drones To Aussie Homes

A Google owned drone delivery service called Project Wing is preparing to deliver Mexican food right to your door.

Project Wing has announced today that following recent progress in drone delivery technology, new partnerships have now been struck with Chemist Warehouse, and more importantly Mexican chain Guzman y Gomez.

In their latest announcement Project Wing revealed that Australia will be a better testing environment than the US because its regulations surrounding the use of drones is less strict, which means you could be getting burritos and tacos delivered to your door by drone pretty damn soon.

So basically this…

The delivery drones will also gather valuable data for testing too. “The sensors on our aircraft are responsible for identifying obstacles that might appear during a flight or delivery, like a car parked in an unexpected spot, or outdoor furniture that’s been moved,” says project co-lead James Ryan Burgess.

“The more test deliveries we do, exposing the sensors on our aircraft to new delivery locations, the smarter our aircraft’s algorithms will one day become at picking a safe spot for deliveries.”

Check out a clip of some recent drone testing in Australia below.