Rick and Morty’s Pass The Butter Robot is Now a Real Thing

The “pass the butter” robot from Rick and Morty has now made its way into our dimension, with a YouTuber having constructed a small, identical robot to the one featured in the Adult Swim cartoon.

The pass the butter robot appears in the season one episode ‘Something Ricked This Way Comes,’ with it being created by Rick in order to help him butter his breakfast waffles. However, it doesn’t take long for the futility of the robot’s existence to come crashing down on it, leading to one of the more grimly hilarious scenes in the series.

Now YouTuber ESDEV has posted footage of his own version of the pass the butter robot in action, which he constructed using a 3D printer and the base of an RC car. The end result is something very similar to the self-loathing robot depicted in the critically-acclaimed cartoon.

Although it appears that the robot is controlled manually rather than automatically passing the butter, we imagine that quite a few Rick and Morty fans still wouldn’t mind owning this real-world recreation of the robot. Hopefully its creator shows it a little bit more empathy than Rick.

Check it out below:

And for reference, here’s the robot making his debut in Rick and Morty: