Dude Hoping To Crowd Surf Jumps Down Onto People And Nobody Catches Him

There are many different parts that go into a successful crowd surf.

For starters, you usually have to be drunker than shit to even think about crawling or climbing up onto something and then jumping down onto a group of people who you’ve never met. I mean, there’s a level of trust involved there that is usually reserved for people who you’ve known for at least a few months if not a few years.

Then there’s the establishing of the fact that you are going to jump down onto the people below and receiving the acknowledgment that they are indeed going to catch you when you do.

But perhaps the most important part of a successful crowd surf or stage dive is actually being caught by the people below, and son of a bee sting, that just didn’t happen here:

If you’re looking for a “glass half full” take on the situation, at least now every time he looks in the mirror, he’ll be reminded that trying to crowd surf or stage dive later that night will be the same as it always has been: a really dumb idea.

h/t BroBible

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