So KFC Made A Fried Chicken Sunscreen And It’s Already Sold Out

There’s still some summer left for you to go out there and catch some rays, but unfortunately, you’re going to have to smell like coconuts or something tropical because the KFC fried chicken sunscreen already sold out. In three hours.

Today, the chicken giant revealed that for a limited time only they would be giving away free Extra Crispy Sunscreen. That’s right, you would not only be protected from the sun, but smell like chicken. And if that doesn’t get people to talk to you I don’t know what will.

Check out the sunscreen ad below:

KFC gave away a bunch of free bottles online, but if you weren’t quick enough you will never know how smelling like chicken all day feels like. You can always just lather yourself in chicken grease. There’s always that.

Well, here’s hoping KFC hands out some more free chicken-smelling sunscreen soon, or we’ll all have to wait for their chicken cologne.

h/t Inverse

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