South Carolina Man Pulls Knife On A Guy During Argument About Condoms

Hey, condoms are important these days.

According to The Smoking Gun, you don’t dick around when talking about condoms with Andrew Lavigne, as the 23-year-old was arrested last Friday night for pulling a knife on a male acquaintance during an argument over rubbers.

It’s unknown whether Lavigne thought jimmy hats were the devil’s work or if he was just trying to make an open-and-shut case for papa-stoppers that are ribbed for her pleasure, but police said he followed 25-year-old Bryan Ruiz up the stairs at a Myrtle Beach home around 9 p.m. and threatened to “kill him and the person he was sleeping with.”

At that point, Ruiz took matters into his own hands and punched Lavigne in the face. When police arrived on the scene and asked Lavigne for his side of the story, he allegedly just started crying.

Even in South Carolina, you can’t threaten another man with a knife during an argument over dick domes, so Lavigne was arrested and slapped with a felony assault charge.

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