Woman’s Ex Secretly Lives In Her Attic, Attacks Her

Photo: tellmemore000 (Getty)

And you thought your ex was crazy.

Yes, if you’re unlucky enough you will find yourself with an ex that is completely bonkers. And unfortunately for one woman, her ex was a 21-year-old nut job by the name of Taylor Broussard.

Following an attack that involved Broussard forcing his way into his ex’s home and hitting after after a verbal argument — an incident that not only involved Brossaurd pulling out a knife and threatening his ex, but it occurred with a juvenile in the home that the woman had to shield for protection, police made one bizarre discovery: Broussard was secretly living in his ex’s attic.

Police discovered bedding, water bottles, food and plastic bottles filled with urine inside the attic, and learned that Broussard had been stalking his ex for God knows how long.

Before police arrived, the crazed ex slashed the bed sheets and cut through the mattress and also damaged several other items in the room belonging to the woman. The woman was thankfully able to escape and run to a neighbor’s house for help.

Broussard was also able to steal the woman’s phone and her SUV and had fled the scene before police arrived. And he had actually been able to stay away from police for quite some time until…

Yep, busted.

Broussard was arrested and charged with all of this: two counts of stalking, domestic abuse battery with child endangerment, domestic abuse aggravated assault, theft of a motor vehicle, felony theft, home invasion, unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling and simple criminal damage to property. Wow.

And all this for an ex. Next time just unlike all the pictures you liked of her on Instagram, dude, and save yourself the jail time.

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