50 Tweets That Prove Racism Is Alive And Well In America (Warning: Extremely Disturbing, Racist Language)

If you have any doubts about racism still existing, just spend a few minutes scrolling through any social media site and you’ll see how strong it is in so many people. This isn’t an easy read by any means and, honestly, it was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to put together, but it’s necessary. Originally I was going to do 100 tweets, but wading through all that vile trash was so difficult I stopped at 50. These weren’t hard to find. These are rampant and directed at individuals. Use this as motivation to spread love and positivity in the midst of so much hate and ignorance.

1. This loan officer said this to Michelle Obama from her personal account and it cost her job.

2. It’s nice when they use racial slurs and have “#Jesus” in their bio.

3. Old Navy was flooded with racist tweets after featuring an interracial couple in an ad.

4. I don’t think she knows what “fact” means.

5. This one speaks for itself.

6. Why is this account allowed to exist at all?


7. Someone chose to share this with the world.

8. So edgy.


9. He’s either 13 or stopped mentally developing at 13.


10. Pretty sure those are actual statistics.

11. Here’s the winner of Miss Teen USA 2016. Very on brand.


12. That is some serious irony you got there.

13. This kind of disgusting talk is way too common.


14. What a terrible sentiment.

15. Imagine thinking this wasn’t a racist statement.

16. I’m sure Harrison Ford would be thrilled to know his likeness is being used here.


17. Why would you think this, let alone tweet it?

18. Imagine saying these words out loud.


19. The worst thing is that multiple people decided to retweet this.

20. It’s difficult to validate your opinion when it ends like that.

21. This Texas Roadhouse employee was fired for this awful tweet.

22. Leslie Jones started reposting all the horribly racist tweets she received after “Ghostbusters” opened.

23. I don’t even want to know what the other five “truths” were.


24. I’m sure his family loved the travel update.

25. Your grammar is atrocious.


26. Why limit your racism to just one per tweet?

27. At least their username is appropriate.


28. Trump claims Putin called Obama the N-word. This was the response.


29. So brave.

30. Countless people hide behind parody accounts to spew racism.


31. President Obama gets response tweets like this to almost everything he posts.


32. And this trash.


33. And it just keeps going and going.


34. I don’t think Jeff understands how pretty much anything works.

35. Not the strongest argument.

36. Kelly Clarkson quickly shut down this response about slaves.

37. People are still upset about interracial marriage. What year is this?

38. Then she doubled down her racism with people upset with the tweet.

39. He’s racist and doesn’t understand how hashtags work.

40. There’s a lot going on here.

41. “Darkies?” What century are you from?


42. Ah yes, KKK leader David Duke would be great for our country.

43. Delete your account.


44. You should go back to whatever hole you crawled out of immediately.


45. This was in response to Leslie Jones asking Twitter to do something about the racist threats she was receiving

46. Mike Huckabee casually threw out this wildly offensive tweet

47. Parody accounts are just a breeding ground for hate speech.


48. Just disgusting.


49. 73,000 people follow this account.

50. Seventy. Three. Thousand.