Here’s A Male Spider Performing Oral Sex On A Gigantic Female Spider

Hey, whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t eat you afterward, I guess.

According to the Daily Mail, researchers were shocked when they recently discovered a species of spider in which the male performs oral sex on the female up to 100 times “before, in between and after copulations.”

Female Madagascan Darwin’s bark spiders are 14 times heavier than males and 2.3 times larger, and like several other species of spiders, they will sometimes eat the male after they’re done having sex with them.

Researchers at the Biological Institute ZRC SAZU say that there is an outside chance that the male goes down on the female in hopes of being spared after he takes her to pound town, but they think that it’s highly unlikely for the most part. They think the most likely explanation is that the “cunnilingus-like” behavior could “work to boost the chances of paternity by signalling the male’s quality or reducing sperm competition.”

Researchers also found that the males emasculate themselves by chewing on their secondary genital organ known as the palp. No word if other spiders have found out that they can achieve the same result just by getting married.

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